We're a team of music enthusiasts who saw a need for a better way for Musicians to connect with music fans.  The goal is to create an outlet for all artists to have a fair shot at establishing a career with their music. We have a lot going on behind the scenes, create a free account or sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date about new opportunities.


We're helping Artists succeed by giving them the tools they need to become independent music professionals. We produce and broadcast content that covers promotional strategies, marketing, business launch and provides exposure on a professional entertainment network.

Our members consist of Artists, producers, labels, venues, managers, photographers, publicists, talent scouts and music lovers.

We're streaming music and shows on ExtremeLiveMusic Radio. Artists & DJ's, submit your songs/ shows for free exposure to a vast audience of fellow Artists, Music Pros & Fans.

We'll soon release more information about how you can download our App and listen to your music on internet radio with listeners all over the world.  It will be available for download on iphones, Droids, Blackberrys & itunes and many other streaming services this May.

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ExtremeLiveMusic is a broadcast network that promotes live events and Indie Performances. Submit your music and Link your videos; you may be picked to be featured!  To upload your videos simply Log in, go to the member video gallery and look for ADD.


Add events to our free event listing that integrates social networking so your event can be seen by hundreds of visitors. ExtremeLiveMusic's free event listing provides a new way to discover live shows and music festivals... add the events you're looking forward to.

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